Revive Marketing.

True values. True image.


Nature has the force of a permanent regeneration, she surprises us with her vitality. This is how the concept of “Revive” was born. I use these little secrets of nature in my everyday life and work. Just imagine your business having the power to bloom again and again, being always fresh and with one step ahead of the game. In a business the values and ideas are the solid base upon which you can grow and prosper. Very often these values are clear in the mind of the leader, but they aren't to the public. At this point you need someone to translate your values to the public and shape them into an attractive and clear image. I am that "translator". My main objective is to really listen to you and to speak clearly to the public how your business could change their world. The "revival" is a long process based on constant communication and understanding of needs. It requires patience, knowledge and creative fresh ideas. Let's see how we could Revive your business!



You tell me your hopes and dreams for your business and I take a discovery trip in your world to better understand it.


Your values and ideas get to learn the language of marketing. We position your business on the market and define your target audience.


With a little luck and a lot of work your hopes and dreams become reality, a community of loyal fans is created, the roots of the business get stronger and the growth process begins.


I’m not a magical creature, so I’m not doing all of these on my own. I always work together with professionals best suited to your project and budget.